Introducing NotLibLabCon

There is little to choose between the three main Westminster parties.  All of them take the electorate for granted.  It is time for a change.

We’ve decided to campaign against Lib/Lab/Con and encourage people to vote for one of the smaller parties, to vote for an independent or register a protest vote.

This is where you come in!

  1. There are elections in England, Wales and Northern Ireland…if you are unsure whether there are elections in your area check online
  2. Check out our leaflet
  3. If you like what you see you can print some off using the pdf above or email us and we can send you the artwork to print locally. 
  4. Share this link and follow us on Twitter:

And just in case you think leaflets are old hat, the Westminster parties are putting in their orders and I have already had one through the door!

Spring is in the air and a walk round your town or village is definitely to be recommended! Thanks very much for the help. Spread the word … Not Lib/Lab/Con!

Many thanks,

Geoff Cox

Media and Other Enquiries

For media and other enquiries please email:

Campaign Finances (25th February 2023)

This campaign is entirely self-funded.  The initial set up costs (typesetting and hosting of the website) have been covered by the organisers. The money raised through the sale of leaflets will cover the cost of printing and distribution and the preparation of further leaflets. There are no other costs or income.   A financial statement will be available showing income and expenditure.  Any funds left over when the project comes to an end will be donated to The Free Speech Union.  If you wish to donate to this campaign privately, please contact  All donations will be used to reduce the price of leaflets or provide free copies for distribution to the public.